Kingswood host successful U15 Shield


Over the weekend of 1-3 March, Kingswood College played host to the annual U15 A Water Polo Shield tournament, involving schools from all over the Eastern Cape. Schools such as Grey High (PE), Pearson, Woodridge, Alex Road, Glenwood House, York as well as an Albany Invitational team all descended on Kingswood’s pool for the Shield tournament.

One of Kingswood’s players sets up for a pass during the annual U15 Water Polo Shield completion, hosted by Kingswood College.
Photo: Supplied

After a tentative beginning to the boys’ water polo season there was a little bit of uncertainty as to how Kingswood would perform as hosts of the tournament. These doubts were quickly extinguished in the first game against Pearson, where Kingswood played a phenomenal game and clenched a convincing 7-0 victory. This momentum continued through the pool games and led the boys to topping their pool and a quarter-finals which the hosts won convincingly. Kingswood knew their semi-final was going to be a challenge, which resulted in a narrow loss against Glenwood (George). This disappointment quickly disappeared as they won their next game very convincingly ending the tournament on a well deserved Third position. 

The tournament as a whole was very well run and very entertaining for both the players and the parents. An exciting addition to the tournament was the live stream filming of the games and running commentary by members of the Kingswood College First water polo team.

Final Positions:

1. Grey HS

2. Glenwood House

3. Kingswood College

4. Woodridge

5. York

6. Alex Road

7. Pearson

8. Albany Invitational


Kingswood College vs Pearson won 7-0

Kingswood College vs Alex Drew 2-2

Kingswood College vs York Won 6-2

Kingswood College vs Glenwood House Lost 6-4

Kingswood College vs Woodridge won 8-5

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