No fake puppies at the SPCA


After uncovering four fake puppy-selling websites, our team visited the local Grahamstown SPCA to find some real puppies. Our reporters can happily confirm that there are indeed a collection of cute, playful pups waiting to find their new homes.

The SPCA always has puppies and older dogs available for adoption. These pups are currently up for adoption. Photo: Stephen Kisbey-Green

SPCA Manager, Phillip McDougall, encouraged residents to adopt from the SPCA; for both financial and moral reasons. The SPCA currently charges R450 for a cat and R830 for a dog which includes the adoption fee, sterilisation of the animal and a microchip. “We are rescuing and taking in stray and unwanted animals. So why go to a breeder when there are adorable animals sitting here patiently waiting for a new home.”

“We don’t just adopt animals; we do Pre and Post Home inspections, an Application questionnaire is completed, we also assess the new family (both animal and human), before an adoption is approved”, said McDougall. Adding that the SPCA do Pre and Post-adoption home inspections to ensure that the animal will receive the best possible care.

Maloli Dingana, the SPCA’s qualified Inspector, emphasised the importance of sterilisation. Dingana said that given the amount of stray and unwanted animals in the area it was necessary to sterilise as part of the adoption process.

This pup is currently up for adoption at the Grahamstown SPCA. Photo: Kathryn Cleary

No profit is made on adoptions as the cost covers the medical procedures, identification and administrative costs. The SPCA cares for the animal prior to adoption without any remuneration from the adoption fee.

Grocott’s Mail encourages readers to consider adoption and visit the local SPCA.

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