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Martiens Pokbas, one of the Trust Members of St Marks Methodist Church in Alicedale, personally knows Matthys Du Plessis who is one of the co-owners of Pakamiza Trading. After consultation with the other Trust Members – Amin Williams (Chairperson), John Alexander, Donovan Bruintjies and Herbert Bruintjies, they have decided to approached Du Plessis for a sponsor for the Church.
Pakamiza Trading did not hesitate in sponsoring the Church with the following equipment:
1.     2 x 15inch speakers = R9000.00
2.    12inch amp                = R8000.00
3.    Keyboard                   = R8000.00
4.     Cordless mic             = R4000.00
5.    Lapel mic                   = R3600.00
6.    Aircon fan                  = R9000.00

Total  = R41600.00
On 24 February 2019, the Leadership of the St Marks Methodist Church held a Thanksgiving Service for Pakamiza Trading in Alicedale, to show their gratitude and appreciation.
The Leadership of St Marks Methodist Church, members of the Church and the broader community of Alicedale, are extremely grateful for the generous and unselfish sponsorship by Pakamiza Trading. Special thanks to the Directors – Mr Matthys Du Plessis, Eurika Du Plessis and Misss N Singamo.
We sincerely hope and trust that our relationship and partnership with Pakamiza Trading will go from strength to strength. This was indeed the biggest sponsor/gift that we as a Church have received in the history and existence of the Church. We are forever grateful and will put these precious equipment to good use, and surely will look very good after them and treasure them.
God Bless you all at Pakamiza Trading.
Yours in Christ
St Marks Methodist Church (Alicedale)
Church Council/Leadership
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