Record number of applications to vote abroad in National Elections


A total of 30 532 voters have applied to cast their vote in the national elections at one of South Africa’s 121 foreign missions.

The applications were received by the deadline to submit a notification to vote abroad (using a VEC 10 form) on Wednesday 13 March. Of these, 29 334 were approved.

In 2014, the Electoral Commission received 27 899 applications to vote outside the country of which 26 716 were approved and a total of 18 446 actually voted in the election.

The breakdown of approved applications per region is as follows:

Region Total approved applications
Africa 2 868
Asia 7 174
Europe 14 838
North America 2 196
Oceania 2 133
South America 125
Total 29 334

The top 10 foreign missions with the most applications are:

Mission Approved applicants
London 9 084
Dubai 1 542
The Hague 1 355
Canberra 1 195
Abu Dhabi 1 061
Wellington 927
Dublin 817
Kinshasa 797
New York 605
Doha 566


Voters whose applications have been approved will vote at the foreign mission indicated on Saturday 27 April 2019 between 7am and 7pm. They are required to take with them their South African ID document (either a green barcoded ID, a smartcard ID or a valid temporary ID certificate) AND their valid passport.

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