SEDRU referees society fundraising winners:


Congratulations to the following winners of our Fundraising Raffle that took place today at Makana Public Libraries:

*1st Prize Winner was Ahlume Booi who walked away with a Brand New Puma Bag worth the value of R799 sponsored by Barry September.

*2nd Prize was Alton Jegels who received a Steam Iron worth the value of R399 proudly sponsored by BUCO South Africa, 34 Bathurst Street, Grahamstown.

*3rd Prize was scooped by Camelia Daniels who was grateful for her Cordless Kettle worth R249 also proudly sponsored by our associate Sponsor Buco.

A special thanks to Marius Roberts at Buco for his continuous support and contribution, as well as Barry September for his donation. We are very grateful and do appreciate.

We also would like to thank the community for supporting our fundraiser, it is appreciated.

God Bless you all.

Chesley Daniels
Sedru Referees Society
Secretary/Appointing Officer

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