Battle of Graham’s Town series list of references


The Battle of Graham’s Town 22nd April 1819 – List of references for parts 1-3


Barrow John   1806   Travels into the interior of southern Africa Vol 1   London   Cadell & Davies

Cory GE   1910   The Rise of South Africa: A history of the origin of South African colonisation and of its development towards the East from the earliest times to 1857    London    Longmans, Green & Co  pp369-403

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Fraser GS (Maj.)   1819   ‘Private letter from Major GS Fraser to Col. John Graham, 23rd April 1819’  in  CT Atkinson (Ed)  1942   Supplementary Report on the manuscripts of Robert Graham Esq of Fintry   pp138-141 [In this letter Major Fraser describes the battle based on information he obtained he obtained from participants the day after the event.]

Graham John (Col.)   1819    ‘Private letter from John Graham to [—-] 16th February 1820’ in  CT Atkinson  (Ed)  1942   Supplementary Report on the manuscripts of Robert Graham Esq. of Fintry   pp143-145   [This is Graham’s account of the Battle of  Graham’s Town, information about which he seems to have received from a number of sources, It was written to a fellow officer.  Graham was not present at the battle but Commandant of Simon’s Town at the time.]

Herbst Francina & Kopke Des   2006   ‘The site of the battle of Amalinde’   Military History Journal 13 (5) 174-176

le Cordeur BA (Ed)   1988   The Journal of Charles Lennox Stretch   Cape Town   Maskew Miller Longman (The Grahamstown Series)    [This Journal, which covers the   period     1797- 1849, contains a shorter account of the battle than Stretch’s 1876 article. It is suggested by the editor that the section on the battle was only inserted in the Journal in 1878, six years before he died at age 85.]

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Somerset Charles (Lord)   1819   ‘Dispatch from Lord Charles Somerset to Earl Bathurst, Cape of Good Hope, 22nd May 1819’ in G McC Theal (Ed) 1902   Records of the Cape Colony: May 1818- January 1820 Vol XII pp193-205

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Willshire T (Lt Col.)   1846   ‘Attack on Grahamstown in 1819’   Graham’s Town Journal  XV (277) p2 Saturday 26th September 1846

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