Proposed Mayoral Advisory Council


The Municipal Systems Act, Act No 32 of 2000 states that a fundamental aspect of the new local government system is the “active engagement of communities in the affairs of municipalities of which they are integral part”.

The active involvement of the community of Makana is fundamental to the success of Makana Local Municipality. To this end, I intend to establish a Mayoral Advisory Council that will assist me and the Council to enhance service delivery and promote economic development. It should be borne in mind that the Mayoral Advisory Council is a non-statutory structure with no legislative or legal standing. Participation in the structure is purely voluntary.

The primary objectives of this council will be to maximise inputs from civil society in respect to:

  • Improving the flow of constructive ideas from Civil Society to the Mayoral Committee;
  • Translating such ideas into projects and programmes for implementation;
  • Promoting the image of Makana nationally and internationally for the purposes of tourism enhancement and investment growth;
  • Growing the economy of Makana and enhancing the facilities available to its residents;
  • Promotion of social cohesion and environmentally sustainable solutions for the future.

The Mayoral Advisory Council will comprise a maximum of 14 permanent residents of Makana Municipality. Nominations will be invited from institutions, enterprises, non-governmental organisations and community based organisations.

I will put together a committee of three councillors to sift through the nominations and recommend to me the selected 14 members.

In selecting members of the Advisory Council, I will ensure that it reflects as far as possible the demographic composition of Makana including youth and women, as well as expertise and experience.

I will consult widely before making any selection, but the final appointment will rest with me.

Political office-bearers, employees of the Municipality and persons having business dealings with the Municipality are not eligible. The first meeting of the Advisory Council, chaired by me, will elect a chairperson from among the appointed members.

It is envisaged that the Advisory Council will set up Working Groups to address the different spheres of interests of the residents of Makana. Each will be convened by a Council Member other than the Chairperson. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Investment Promotion and Job Creation
  • Education and Skills Upgrade
  • Health, Welfare and Recreation
  • Environment and Water
  • Culture and Sport
  • Revenue Generation
  • Communication and Publicity

The Advisory Council will meet quarterly or at my request. Task teams will meet and make suggestions regarding projects and programmes to be considered by the Mayoral Advisory Council. Members of the Advisory Council are free to share information and ideas, but are not entitled to make public statements on behalf of the Mayor or the Council. They are not entitled to make use of the Council letterhead or to demand services from Municipal support staff.

Members of the Advisory Council will not receive remuneration of any kind, and no requests for travel, accommodation or other expenses will be entertained.

Details of criteria for eligibility are contained in the municipal website: Nominations must be submitted to Yalezwa Khonza at

The closing date is 15 May 2019.

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