Nothembile Mali won seeds for her well-kept garden


The winner of Sunny Side’s garden giveaway for March, Nothembile Mali is received seeds from Sunnyside for her well-kept garden. She thanked Sunnyside Garden Centre and Grocott’s Mail for making it possible for her to win the seeds, and says that she will be making full use of them after the welcome rains. She is going to continue planting, and said that she was very happy about the rain, as it is going to be easy for her to plant the new seeds in the soft ground. She also pointed out that now there is water for her garden.

Malcolm Southey from Sunnyside Garden Centre giving the seeds to the community member Nothembile Mali. Photos: Lindani Donyeli

Malcolm Southey from Sunnyside Garden Centre giving Nothembile Mali the seeds.

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