Makhanda Mass Choir performed for the President



In our article titled ‘Makhanda on top form’ about the 27 April 2019 Freedom Day celebrations in Makhanda (Grahamstown) (Grocott’s Mail, 3 May 2019) we referred to a performance for President Cyril Ramaphosa by Kwantu Community Choir.

Chairperson of the Classical Choral Singers and Academy (CCSA) Mfundo Makasi has written to explain that CCSA, Abancedisi Adult Choir and Makhanda Kwantu Choir took to the stage as the Makhanda Mass Choir to perform for this event.

“This was to promote the spirit of unity among the three groups – [building]one voice which will resound [through]Makhanda and show its different groups [united as]one.

“We have worked hard to create social cohesion in choral music and in the field of art,” Makasi said.

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