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Jahchael Sondlo in his vegetable garden in Vukani.

Jahchael Sondlo has loved gardening since he was a young boy helping his two uncles – even though they would often give him gardening tasks that clashed with his playing time. The garden helps him a lot: he believes it’s brought breathing space and cleanliness into his life, it also keeps his body active. It’s his daily guarantee of peace, hope and fresh vegetables.

Sondlo hopes his harvest will be as good as the first time he planted on his property in Vukani. He has planted spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, runner beans, beetroot, spring onions, kale and carrots. He has also planted flowers in front of his house.

Sondlo would appreciate more seeds to plant, including flowers and could really use a pair of hand-operated grass trimmers.

“I am grateful to Grocott’s Mail for inspiring people about the importance of gardening. And a special thanks to Lindani for his humanity and fantastic efforts in moving around and encouraging us in our gardens,” Sondlo said. – Text and photo by Lindani Donyeli

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