Engagements still on track with Gift of the Givers


Dear Residents

A meeting took place between all relevant government departments and the Gift of the Givers (GoG) yesterday, 23 May 2019. The stakeholder engagement meeting convened by the Eastern Cape government on the water intervention in Makana Local Municipality has agreed that a consolidated report be produced by Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and the GoG.

The key stakeholders in attendance included Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta), Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency (MISA), Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), Amatola Water, Gift of the Givers (GoG), Office of the Premier (OTP), Provincial Treasury (PT), Rhodes University and the Sarah Baartman District Municipality.

The spirit of the meeting was very positive and it seems like the issues will be resolved. A press release in this regard was released and the Mayor stands by the statement.

The water situation in Makhanda is stable. The James Kleynhans Water Treatment Works (JKWTW) is producing 13 megalitres of water per day and we are able to supplement the Waainek Water Treatment Works when necessary. Work at the Waainek filters is almost complete and we are producing water at that water works. The dam levels are currently sitting at 7.2% and 22% at Settlers and Howieson’s Poort dams respectively. Residents must continue to use water sparingly. The municipality would like thank all the provincial government departments that have assisted the municipality to stabilise the water situation in Makana. Once again I would like to reiterate that we appreciate the work that was done by the GoG.

GoG came to Makhanda at our invitation because there was a crisis.

They came in to assist us to provide water to residents on the eastern side of the town because there was a problem at the James Kleynhans Water Treatment Works, which led to the municipality not being able to supply water to them. They brought much needed bottled water, animal fodder and helped us to cart water to areas that didn’t have water at the time, for that we are very thankful them.

Let me take this opportunity to once again thank everyone who has assisted in creating a platform for constructive engagement on this issue. We hope for the speedy resolution of the issues under discussion.

 Hon. Executive Mayor Cllr. Mzukisi Mpahlwa

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