K-DAY: The power of sport


The famous derby started in May 1898, when Kingswood College played rugby against St Andrew’s College. The Wesleyan School for Girls played their first hockey match against DSG in 1904. The first Kingswood College match against the DSG was played in 1977 and was captained by one of our   own staff members, Annette Knott-Craig (neè Browne). Late in the 1980s the day way coined by St Andrew’s College as “Kingswood Day” and up to this point it has been named, branded and celebrated as K-Day. The K-Day event has also been extended to a K-Day week which includes boys hockey, squash and netball and it is no longer just a sporting event but includes debating, a music concert and other social events. The entire school takes part, with sports teams as young as U7s enjoying the day. The event culminates in the girls first team hockey and rugby clashes on the Saturday.

For us at Kingwood College, this year’s K-Day is extra special as it forms part of our calendar of birthday events. It is another highlight of our 125 jubilee celebrations. We shall also launch our “Leadership Institute” on Sunday 16 June during the K-day weekend.

The power of sport is that it brings people together. Many Old Kingswoodians, Andreans, DSG Old Girls, staff and parents of all three schools, community members and interested parties, join us to celebrate this wonderful week of recognizing and watching pupils joyfully excel in their various disciplines.

We trust that the week will be a time to enjoy what Kingswood values most:  family, people, relationships and a spirit of camaraderie and cheerfulness. It is a week jam- packed with sporting events. It is our duty to encourage our children to do their best, but to focus on the process and not the result. We are going all out to create a week that celebrates uniqueness, a week that upholds the values we hold so dear: hard work, humility, passion, kindness and gratitude. The pupils are super excited, super ready and have determination, passion, perseverance and grit in their pocket.

This event has the power to unite many individuals in Makhanda. This is not only a school event but also a community event. This is an event that has put Makhanda on the map and we acknowledge the positive role an event of this nature can play in relationship- building, the well-being of individuals involved and the economy of the town.

Here’s to another K-day! Here’s to celebrating three excellent schools. Here’s to uplifting Makhanda.

Our first democratically elected president, Nelson Mandela stated: “Sport has the power to change the world… it has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.  It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.” – Dr Colleen Vassilou, College Head, Kingswood College

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