Rhodes students called to participate in Ward 12 by-elections


Rhodes University students are called to participate in by-elections for Ward 12, here’s how:

There will be a Targeted Communication and Registration (TCR) taking place at the Steve Biko building between 14 and 17 June 2019. This is in aid of publicising the date of the by-election among residents of Ward 12. Makana Municipality has a ward vacancy in Ward 12, and the Electoral Commission is to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy.

Although Rhodes University normally doesn’t allow for events to take place during exam time, this was granted with special permission by the University so that the Electoral Commission can achieve its constitutional mandate.

The by-election registration will take place between 22-23 June for all vacancies (also at Steve Biko), to be filled on the 7 August 2019 by-elections.

If you are a Rhodes University campus resident, please visit the Steve Biko building to find out more about Ward 12’s by-election.

Please note, the following do not fall under Ward 12:

  1. Nelson Mandela Hall (Adelaide Tambo, Helen Joseph, Stanley Kidd, Guy Butler
  2. Lillian Ngoyi (Ruth First, Joe Slovo, Victoria Mxenge, Centenary)
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