SPCA Open Day huge success!


Thank you to each person who took the time to come and visit the SPCA for our Open Day on Sunday 21 July!

The dogs and cats absolutely loved all of the attention and walks they got on Sunday –  they were thoroughly spoilt and the excitement had them all so overwhelmed!

We hope this will encourage some people to come and volunteer more often and once again thank you to the community for all of their support!  Watching the little ones walk with a rescue, the dog and child hesitant and then after a few walks, love and gentle touching, the dog arrived back with a wagging tail, eyes pleading for more attention. The day was not about raising money, but we are so grateful for all the donations we received; R6 841.20 and an immense amount of dog and cat food, washing powder, black bags, collars and dog bowls – all things on our wish list!

We would also like to say a very big thank you for all the support with the Glow Walk and Glow Raffle, we raised R20 019 and received further donations of R230 making it a total of R20 249, amazing support.

Glow Walk income R14 337 and Glow raffle income R5 912

The monies were earmarked for the Clinic, sterilising dogs and purchasing medication.

We are also happy to announce our Glow Raffle draw winners

Mrs Swanepoel, Out the Box Gift Voucher

Mr Thabo Nkaki, FarmBox Voucher

Mrs Lombard, NexGard

Dr Poole, Bravecto

Sirius Villet, Revelations Voucher

We are also happy to announce we are busy planning a Zombie Walk/Run early October, details will follow.

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