Since we are in the beginning of women’s month, we dedicate this month to you women. Wish you could send us your poems in isiXhosa. This poem is about refugees who are from the same area that is Africa. The poet has the stuttering tone as you can hear her. Yintoni intsusa which could mean what could be the reason for Africans to be refugees in their forefathers land.

Ndiqale kweziphi iintaba ukulaqaza ndifun’ intsusa?
Kwezetafile bethu okanye kwezokhahlamba?
Iimbacu zomgquba! Yinton’ intsusa?

Qakatha! Qakatha! Tsi! Tsi!
Gxada gxada ngaphi bethu?
Iimbacu zomgquba! Yinton’ intsusa?

Cala liphi?
kwiintaba zikaHoho kusinina?
Ndikhwaze … ndixhentse,
de kushukume iintaba zomkhenkce kweleNkwanca?
de kushukume iintaba zomkhence kwele Cuba?
Iimbacu zomgquba! Yinton’ intsusa?

NguNosipho Adam

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