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Dear Residents

Makana Municipality officially welcomed the Kagiso Trust team which was led by its chairperson Reverend Frank Chikane from 31 July to 2 August 2019.

During the visit, the team had extensive consultations and engagements with the community and stakeholders, represented by faith, business and cultural organisations.

Prior to the visit, a stakeholder forum was convened which served as preparation.

The purpose of getting to know Makana through meeting key stakeholders is to promote collaboration on key developmental focus areas that will assist Makana in becoming a better place for all its citizens. All stakeholders welcomed Kagiso with open arms and expressed support and enthusiasm for the initiative.

Reverend Chikane, in his address at a dinner at Rhodes University, said that to achieve Kagiso’s goals, no single entity, whether it is national government, a private sector company, or a multilateral organisation, can do it alone. There needs to be an all-inclusive effort from all parties to make a change. The Reverend added that Kagiso Trust is not coming with solutions to Makana, but that they would like to forge a collaborative approach whereby they will also learn and ultimately develop a model that will benefit other municipalities in South Africa.

The core focus of the visit was not only centred on historic sites in the area. The visit supported and made use of local businesses in the area, for example, local shuttle services for commuting in and around Makana, tourism services and catering. The team and its executives stayed at Kwam’ eMakana homestays during the course of the visit. In its true nature, and as part of its objectives to empower, Kagiso Trust believes that procurement goes with empowerment.

I officially welcomed the Kagiso Trust team at a dinner hosted at Rhodes University on Thursday, 1 August and expressed my gratitude to Reverend Chikane for the role they have already played in Makana in the short time they have been here.

Dr Sizwe Mabizela, the Vice-Chancellor of Rhodes University emphasised his commitment to this partnership, and to education, and referred to the current Rhodes community engagement programmes as an important initiative to improving the quality of education in the region. He also commended Kagiso Trust for the remarkable work done in the Free State and looked forward to working with Kagiso Trust while they are here.

An MOU was signed between Makana Municipality and Kagiso Trust with plans to introduce local development training, empowerment workshops and finding other opportunities to ensure alignment between the municipality and Kagiso Trust. Over and above the revenue management work sponsored by CoGTA, the MOU seeks to support areas of Local Economic Development, Community Engagement and Indigent Management Support, funded by Kagiso Trust. A status quo report has been concluded and extensive LED training for councillors and officials has commenced. A relevant and implementable LED strategy is the intended output.

Kagiso Trust is one of South Africa’s leading development agencies working towards a prosperous, peaceful, equitable and just society. The development agency identified a need for a more collaborative effort from all relevant stakeholders in order to work towards eradicating abject poverty and working towards the socio-economic growth of the municipality.

As Makana Municipality we welcome this initiative and are committed to play an important role as a key stakeholder in making Makana Municipality a better place for all our citizens and a destination of choice for visitors.

Honourable Executive Mayor, Councillor Mzukisi Mpahlwa


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