GBS Mountain Drive Marathon wants to be ‘green’


The GBS Mountain Drive Half Marathon organisers are hoping to make the race as “green” as possible.  While there will be water sachets available at water tables, participants have been asked to bring their own cups or to use hydration packs to avoid the use the plastic sachets where possible.  The hope is that in five years, the race will be plastic free.

The water sachets used by participants are usually discarded and even through they are cleared by race organisers, many of them flow into the bushes or end up in drains, adding to the plastic pollution problem.  Marathon organiser, Tim Dold said, “We realised that we can’t phase out the sachets completely this year, so there will be some available for runners.  However, we will have a ‘litter zone’ for 50 metres from each water table where runners can dispose of their sachets in special bins.  Littering outside of this zone will not be allowed.  We have to take a stand and ask runners to help us keep the race as ‘green’ as possible.”

Participants have the option these days of carrying their own water in special hydration backpacks.  However, not all may be equipped with these, and top runners may not want to waste the precious seconds it will take to fill cups from water bottles.  The water sachets give them the opportunity to grab and drink on the run, but being mindful of how they dispose of the plastic will greatly help to prevent plastic pollution.

Dash the Mountain Drive Dassie is pleading with all participants to keep his mountain clean and litter free!

The Mountain Drive Half Marathon will take place on 24 August at 8am starting from the Graemian Centre.  For the less experienced, there will be the Dassie Dash Challenge – a 4 x 2.4km race around the Graeme campus – perfect for children, families or businesses who want to challenge each other.  Entry forms can be found at PG Glass and Oasis Water, or enter on line at

For those not taking part in the half marathon, there will be food stalls, craft beer and good music at the Graemian Centre. Come along and show your support!

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