St Cyprian’s Country Fair supports Holy Cross School expansion


Funds raised at the St Cyprians Country Fair have made a contribution to the highly successful expansion of the Holy Cross School at the Monastery on the Highlands Road as it expands from foundation phase teaching. The addition of a Grade 4 class this year adds to the Pre-school and Grade 1-3 classes that have provided outstanding educational opportunities for early-learner children over the past number of years. In a ceremony in which R30 000 was handed to the school by St Cyprians church warden Rob Wilmot the principal, Kerrie McConnachie, said that the funds enabled the sourcing of crucial equipment needed to resource the project. The expansion programme aims to introduce education through to Grade 7 over next few years and the introduction of a Grade 5 class is planned for next year.

The Country Fair at St Cyprians this year will be held on Sunday 8 September and its objective is to raise as much as possible to be able to support the new Grade 5 class scheduled to be introduced next year. Although the Fair is a great day in the country for children, with masses to do and valuable downtime for minors, adults are also special with superb lunches and teas, pub, fresh produce, books, meat and farm foods. The auction highpoint has many fine items on offer this year and starts at around 13:00. The animal farm is open to everyone as are pony rides, a treasure hunt, feeding lambs, face painting, candy floss and more.

The Fair starts after the St Cyprians Day service at 10:00 on Sunday 8 September. To get there from Makhanda (Grahamstown) either take the Highlands Road at the Rautenbach Road turn off from the N2, or the Alicedale Road off the N2 further towards Port Elizabeth and follow the signs. For full details visit the website at


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