Ashlin Moolman: don’t let another year go by


Over three years have passed since the residents of Currie Street awoke to the scene of a hit and run. The bodies of two male adolescents were found motionless in the street. The impact of the highspeed motor vehicle had left one of the families without a son, brother and friend. Ashlin Moolman lost his life in the early hours of 19 September 2015.

Survivor, Curt Cannon, was able to be recovered from the scene and taken to hospital where they treated him for several injuries. Both families were severely affected by the trauma of this incident. Being one of Moolman’s closest friends, Cannon remains at the forefront in seeking justice for a life short lived. Moolman had recently celebrated his 21st birthday.

As reported in Grocotts Mail, a case of culpable homicide was opened. Soon after the case was opened it was stated by the Crime Intelligence Office that the driver, a 30-year-old man, had handed himself over to the SAPS (Grocott’s Mail, 6/12/2015).

However, on 4 December the case was withdrawn by the Magistrate’s Court. It was claimed by the accused that he a) had not been driving the car, b) that he was a passenger, c) that he was asleep and had no recollection of who the driver was (Grocott’s Mail, 6/12/2015).

It was determined that further investigations had to be conducted. A distraught Cannon expressed his disappointment with the events that took place in court that day, noting that he only wanted justice to prevail (Grocott’s Mail, 6/12/2015). However, several years down the line the case remains unresolved. Heading into 2019 Cannon, who recently became a paramedic expressed that: “I want the driver of the vehicle to come forward. I need peace of mind as I am still dealing with the loss of my best friend. I still cannot believe that he is gone. I am now working as a paramedic saving lives where I can, as losing someone that you have been terribly close to for years is not easily forgotten.”

These sentiments are shared by several of the deceased Moolman’s close friends.

“I feel that more should be done, we are all sitting here lost. I personally think it’s unfair that it has not been solved yet. Do we wait another year?,” said Jeremy Welkom.

“I mean that is all we want, to know who did it, even if the culprit does not go to jail, we want the person to ask for forgiveness from Ashlin’s mother, who had to clean him up in the street where he lay motionless and full of blood. Imagine that, we want justice for his death,” said Curwin Welkom.

“All we need is closure, and how can we get closure if we don’t know who the culprits are, if we don’t know who to forgive, or who to blame for it,” said Damian Hilpert.

The statements shared by these individuals do not only appeal to the callousness of the perpetrator who has yet to come forward. They also seek justice within the parameters of the law and closure for the family and friends of the deceased Mr Moolman. The incident has only left those affected with poor reflections of the justice system.

[It also leaves in question] the character of a person willing to allow a family to endure this trauma without answers… the only thing that is looked towards is action, with emphasis on the notion of responsible action. This means taking responsibility in uncovering the truth, taking responsibility for the wrongdoing and seeking contrition. To the guilty party I leave this message: In guilt we only harbour misery which affects every area of life. When you take responsibility, you are genuinely contrite and accept the judgment you are dealt, you will find absolution. Don’t let another year go by.

  • The writer of this letter requested to remain anonymous.

It is correct that the Director of Public prosecutions declined to prosecute the alleged suspect who handed himself over to the SAPS shorty after the incident. The docket has been reopened for investigation. An appeal made to the community who may be able to assist with the investigation to contact the investigating officer Captain Jurgens Gouws on 0824423658 – Spokesperson Captain Mali Govender

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