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Jane Dalton RIP

Tribute to Jane Dalton

A union cannot be experienced without a separation.

Our deepest condolences to the loving family and friends of Jane Dalton. May her dear soul rest in peace. May St Francis, who is the patron saint of all our animals, lovingly take Jane’s hand and lead her to the house of our Lord for a well deserved eternal rest. Jane has done more than her full shift to serve those who cannot speak. Jane talked to the animals and they talked to her in a way only God’s gifted will understand.

We worked with Jane over four decades at the SPCA, Grahamstown’s only voluntary animal sanctuary. We were always amazed at her endless energy, her patience, her strict discipline, humbleness, her ability to deal with people of all colours and her down-to-earth manner in dealing with animal owners from the poorest communities. All her resources – her money, vehicle, telephone – were always available to the SPCA to rescue, feed and shelter injured animals.

We can be assured that there will be many animals waiting to welcome Jane.

Recalling our chats on life in the UK and Kenya with Jane, she once told us that she landed up working at Rhodes University, heading the catering division through an accident of her cat.

Jane’s cat had spilled milk on some newspaper on the floor and the milk blotched the Rhodes catering advert that caught Jane’s eye. History will tell us that this accident never turned out to be a catastrophe.

We are always reminded never to cry over spilt milk.

Jane ran a tight ship in the catering division and was fair in dealing and understanding staff who had poverty issues at home. We never really saw Jane emotional during times of animal loss – but that’s because she was good at hiding her sadness. We all gained strength from her brave heart.

We did see her at her most joyful during the many fundraising projects. She was the main inspiration during our first brand-new one ton bakkie purchase, when she called upon her friends from the UK who donated the bulk of the bakkie’s cost.

One great quality of Jane was her modest way of being a giver and never looking for publicity. Jane was a perfect example of loyalty, who served on many SPCA committees. We mourn the passing of Jane, who served the people and animal owners of Grahamstown and surrounding districts. Jane’s dedicated service towards animal welfare will place her among the best our Creator sent to serve animals subjected to cruelty. We ask God to look after her precious soul. We celebrate the life of an animal saviour. We will always miss and love you. Rest in peace, Lady Jane.

Harry Rama, SPCA supporter

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