Natural wonders and amazing history at the museums


Visit the oldest museum in the Eastern Cape and get a view of extraordinary artefacts. The Natural Sciences Museum and History Museum situated in Somerset Street opposite the Old Gaol coffee shop offers visitors permanent collections of paleontological fossils, historical artefacts and educational resources as well as temporary displays of art.

Natural Sciences Museum
The Earth and Space, Traditional Fishing Methods in Africa, Xhosa Plants and many more exhibits.

For Children
The Blue Planet Gallery
The Children’s Gallery

History Museum
The Contact and Conflict, Ukuza kukaNxele, AmaXhosa Kingdom exhibitions and many more.

Observatory Museum
Get a 360-degree view of town from the Camera Obscura at the Observatory Museum.

Come and experience the uniqueness of this 19th century building. Originally the home of Henry Carter Galpin, a watchmaker and jeweller, 10 Bathurst Street is now a museum that houses an observatory and the only camera obscura in the Southern Hemisphere. This is where you will find the story of the identification of the Eureka Diamond in 1867.

The museums are open weekdays from 9m to 4.30pm and group tours can be arranged for weekends.

‎For the festive season, the museums close on 24 December and reopen on 2 January.

  • Linda Dyani is the marketing officer for the Albany Museums.
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