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As the Grahamstown Cricket Board (GCB) League hit pause after the first half of the season, the individual stats were impressive.

Cuylerville’s aggressive left-hand opening batsman Charlie Muir is currently the leading run scorer in the GCB First League. Muir has helped his side clinch some important wins. His aggressive approach top of the order has given his side a blistering start for most of the season, ensuring competitive and solid totals. Muir is currently on 421 runs and also scored a few centuries.

Just behind Muir, on 418 runs, is the consistent and in-form Carl van Niekerk of Sidbury, who is also the leading all-rounder in the league.

Last year’s leading run scorer James Stirk of Southwell is in third position with 395 and Cuylerville’s captain Brandon Handley with 359 in fourth. Handley is also 2nd in the all-rounder’s stats behind Van Niekerk. Greg Evans of Sidbury is the leading wicket taker with 20 wickets and third in the all rounder’s list, followed by Willows spinner Marquin Loutz with 19 scalps.

In the 2nd league, Manley Flats very own Bangladeshi spinner Batsa Mohammed is currently the leading wicket taker with 27. He is also the leading all rounder and 4th with 380 runs behind his name. Veteran Dave Duncan of Manleys is the leading run scorer with 548 runs and is already scoring a few big centuries.

Most runs 1st:

  1. Charlie Muir – 421 (Cuylerille)
  2. Carl Van Niekerk – 418 (Sidbury)
  3. James Stirk – 395 (Southwell)
  4. Brandon Handley – 359 (Cuylerville)
  5. Nicholas Zimmerman – 317 (Salem)

Most wickets 1st:

  1. Greg Evans – 20 (Sidbury)
  2. Marquin Loutz – 19 (Willows)
  3. Bonga Draai – 16 (Manleys)
  4. Warren Tarr – 16 (Cuylerville)
  5. Bryn Wakeford – 15 (Manleys)

Most runs 2nds:

  1. Dave Duncan – 548 (Manleys)
  2. Tony Pedro – 432 (Kenton)
  3. Barry Gleaves – 423 (Manleys)
  4. Batsa Mohammed – 380 (Manleys)
  5. Ant Scheepers – 376 (Salem)

Most wickets 2nds:

  1. Batsa Mohammed – 27 (Manleys)
  2. Viren Cook – 18 (Kenton)
  3. Ross Pittaway – 17 (Salem)
  4. Franklin Jacobs – 17 (Station Hill)
  5. Mandla Siyolo – 16 (Tiger Titans)
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