How much rain was that?

Rainfall in and around Makhanda: Thursday 19 to Wednesday 25 December 2019

Garden monochrome. Lawn turned to straw and curled succulents, burnt and shrivelling indigenous plants and bushes  hanging in there.

Park Road
0.6mm and temperatures of 16C-36.5C took that little bit of moisture and more away.

Grant Street
Saw lots of foggy, foggy dew over wet side of town but none came my way.

Our farm dam which is usually 1ha in extent,  is the lowest it has been since it was re- built in 1989… Even the drought of 2009 was not this intense… or as prolonged. The dam level drops by 1cm a day.

  • Info courtesy of (and thanks to) rain-watchers Jim Cambray, Robin Stobbs, Nick James and Gill Maylam.
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