Eco-heroes bring river back to life


In this spot last week we published a photo of Graeme College teacher Morgan White and Holleman starting the cleanup of the driffie crossing Jarvis Street (off Cobden Street, past the Day Hospital). A week later, White posted these before and after photos. ‘From this… to this… today!’ Helen Holleman shared on Wednesday. ‘For the first time, I heard the river sing. It was beautiful!’ With the help of many people including stalwarts Gloria Papu, Zumzi Monakale, Swedish student based at SAIAB Magnus Janson and Makana Municipality’s front-end loader and driver, they picked up massive quantities of plastic as well as everything from tyres to televisions. Holleman invites other residents to join her this Saturday (it’s going to be much cooler) any time from 8am. Bring black bags, gloves, boots (if you want to brave the water!), and a rake if you’ve got one she advises. ‘It’s an amazing experience to bring a river back to life!’ Photos: Morgan White

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