Riebeeck East school protests highlight teacher issues


Parents, learners and teachers protested outside Riebeeck East Combined School this week to highlight unhappiness about the situation of two teachers there.

A parent who spoke on condition of anonymity said two teachers at the school had been instructed to remain at home until they received their appointment letters. They had subsequently been instructed to come and teach, pending their appointment letters.

“This is a recurring problem: teachers are assigned to the school, but without appointment letters,” the parent said. “This means they don’t get paid and classes get disrupted later on in the year as a result.”

On Wednesday Education Department officials had come to speak to them, the parent said.

“We were given a letter guaranteeing that those teachers will be paid and that they must come and teach,” the parent said. “But we won’t accept that because they’re not honest with us. The letter was dated 4 February but if it was written then, we don’t know why they kept the letter until today,” the parent said on Wednesday.

“They were supposed to give the letter and the way forward.”

Grocott’s Mail has requested comment from the Education Department and will publish their reply when we receive it.

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