Volunteer work can change your life


The SPCA has opened a charity shop and I, in my retirement, have found it so satisfying to contribute to its success.

I spend just a couple of hours there on a few days each week and:

  • meet new people,
  • do simple jobs like accepting donations,
  • pricing items and
  • processing the sales of the articles that customers purchase.

It is a charity shop that accepts any items that the public donate so there are such a variety of things to choose from in the shop. It is fun to get out again and meet new people, your co-workers in the shop and customers who support the cause. The funds go to the endless process of looking after and helping discarded animals. Many of the customers are looking to reuse articles that someone has discarded but may be of use to them. I always find something that I “need” before I depart each day.

This is not the only charity shop so you can also volunteer at other shops in town or the Albany Museum also accepts volunteers for more specialised jobs. There, in the Geology/ Palaeontology Department you can help classify the rock collection or prepare new fossils or a variety of other jobs. There are a number of other departments like the Entomology Department or the Schonland Herbarium where you can help with the
insect or plant collections.

If you are interested in the SPCA volunteer work contact June at 083 376 4175. The other day I purchased a 1000 Classic Recipes book so with a bucket list of 1000 meals I have a lot of cooking to do in the coming years. Working in the SPCA Shop has changed my life!

Happy Volunteer

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