SPCA during the Covid lockdown

Among the concerns during the Covid-19 lockdown are the animals in the care of the Grahamstown SPCA.
* The SPCA will continue to care for the animals currently at our centre. Our staff numbers will be reduced, with only those living on the SPCA property assisting, unless we have to call on additional staff members.
* No adoptions, volunteering or unnecessary visits to the SPCA will be allowed. The SPCA will be essentially closed to the public in the sense that people at the gate will have to phone and the manager on duty will assess whether they will be allowed in or not. Only one person will be allowed to accompany an animal if entering the premises.
* The SPCA centre will still be accepting stray and surrendered animals during this time.
* Emergencies will be attended to as per usual and our inspector will be available. The most common emergencies are animals hit by cars, broken legs, dog-bite wounds and poisonings. The SPCA’s emergency number is 064 820 8496.
* The SPCA’s onsite veterinary clinic will be closed and only emergencies requiring veterinary services deemed necessary by our inspector will be dealt with. No vaccinations, routine spays and neuters, tick and flea treatment etc will be dealt with during this time.
* The SPCA Charity Shop in High Street will be closed for the entire duration of the lockdown.
How can people help the SPCA during this time?
* Monetary donations – The Charity Shop is our main source of income and will be closed for the duration of the lockdown. There will still be significant running costs to keep the SPCA functional during the lockdown despite the lack of income.
* Food donations – We have stocked up on dog food, but extra bags of cat food will be much appreciated.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you see an animal in need during this period.
* Dr Amy Jackson-Moss is the Chairperson of the Grahamstown SPCA
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