Players keep themselves fit during lockdown


Rugby players across Makana Municipality are keeping themselves fit and active in various ways during this National Lockdown Period. For most players, coaches and rugby enthusiasts, All rugby leagues and competitions were called off with immediate effect in efforts to control the Covid-19 pandemic.. In order for players to keep in shape, they’re working out at home. .

Grocotts Mail looked around to see how players are keeping fit and active during this lockdown period.

The Brumbies’ most experienced player, Gareth Burger, is very active and keeps himself in training at home. He is fortunate to have his own mini gym at home and is busy on it every day.

Before he gets into the gym, Burger takes a five-minute jog in the yard to warm up, or runs  a few shuttles for warm up. “Personally for me, it is important to have a programme during the lockdown. I am privileged to have a few weights at home with a bench which includes a set of dumbells, a straight bar and a curve bar. I am trying atleast to gym 5 days a week, working on my shoulders, arms, core, chest and legs. In between, I do boxing as part of my cardio. Otherwise, I keep myself busy in the garden.

Mason Brooks from Kowie United Rugby Club in Port Alfred is currently busy following a six-week training programme. He said this will help him improve his fitness levels and skills. his sessions include endurance training, strength and power training. “I enjoy it a lot as I am also improving and i can see the results.

Ethan Sonanze, the captain of PJ Olivier 1st is also busy with a home workout program. He is in fantastic shape, as he also does a lot of gym work.

“I am running three times a day in the yard – mostly shuttles and sprints. I don’t have a choice but to keep fit and in good shape when the schools reopen for the rugby season.”

Eldrico Kivitts, a talented young star player of Brumbies is also very active. He does gym at home under lockdown. Normally he cycles and sings and his girlfriend is his inspiration to stay fit and active.

Maasdorp Cannon, the EPRU Coaching and Development Officer, is also very active and excercises every day. In his Calvert Street, Scott’s Farm yard, he does all sorts of training and workouts. The Brumbies coach also drinks and eats healthily to stay in shape.

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