Sheep without a shepherd



The story of Makhanda is a sad one to tell, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Sheep without a shepherd are usually scattered and devoured by wolves prowling for something vulnerable.

The UPM (The Unemployed People Movement) has successfully ousted the local council of Makhanda. The city is now in limbo, left open for vultures who are circling.
The local council of Makana has been accused on various counts including negligence towards its citizens, failing to provide basic service delivery and improving the quality of the dilapidated Infrastructure that is failing the people of the east side of Makhanda.
Those who are familiar with the townships call the place eRhini. For the majority of the city folks, it is more popular for “field work”,  just another place to conduct ‘experiments’ whenever they feel like, without actually making much difference in the lives of the people.
It is astonishing when you hear shouts of  victory, as if there was another battle that most of us were not aware of, after Judge Igna Stretch refused the Provincial Premier Mr Oscar Mabuyane and the local municipality leave to appeal against her ruling. The city of Makhanda’s fate is now left in the hands of the concerned citizens  and the Premier to decide which direction the Municipality will take in the next few months coming to the elections.
The politicians are probably dismayed at the outcome of the case, while the municipality is left dysfunctional without a proper collective administration. This ruling by the high court in Makhanda has subsequently had an effect on other municipalities ruled out as inadequate to deliver on their mandates.
A lot of officials in both the private and the public sector have benefited through corrupt conduct. When it comes to corruption, the South African government past and present, black and white, have been ripping this country of its natural resources and the land. Yet it seems like only a few are made scapegoats in this corrupt country of ours.
Many businesses in South Africa operate under the disguise of being pro-Black and behind the curtains its another group of persons pulling the strings. There are big conglomerates and foreign governments who continue to loot the resources of this tame land of ours, all conducted in the name of foreign investment. This country is losing billions of Rands each year and feeding the rich nations like America and China.
The South African government needs to change its economic policy, and open the doors for black enterprise to flourish, with less bureaucracy and red tape. It is high time that the community of Mzansi be given the chance to have their own banking systems and police that are aimed at develooping the majority of the youth and other citizens previously deprived of such resources and opportunities.
The time has now come to give  back to the community, and whoever would be running the City so long must compassionately look in the east side of this City and see the vast opportunities that lie waiting to be unveiled for the development and upliftment of our people, iSizwe Sethu. Meanwhile we shall continue promoting #Peace&Unity and #Staysafe@home_JesusHeals campaigns.

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