Development programme for ICT startups

Student and Community entrepreneurs who have an ICT Business or StartUp are invited to apply for a programme that connects them with experts in enterprise development.
The Regional Innovation Networking Platform (RINP) facilitated by iHUB in PE is looking for technology businesses in the Eastern Cape Province to become part of their Enterprise Development Programme (EDP).
To qualify to apply, you should be:
  • Busy with a project which has components of technological innovation;           
  • Based in the Eastern Cape;         
  • Working on an innovation that you think solves a local problem;
  • Confident the project has the potential to be commercialised; 
  • Confident your innovation has a market; and
  • Trading already as a business.
Find the selection criteria and application process here:
iHUB is the implementing partner for the RINP in the Eastern Cape. This EDP is in partnership with Rhodes University, Propella Business Incubator and Nelson Mandela University.
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