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It is with deep regret and immense sadness that we wish to notify our clients and friends of the passing of our Managing Director/Sole Proprietor, mentor and friend, Andrew Butters. He died in hospital this week after a long illness. Andrew leaves behind his wife Thandi and four children – Vivian, Billy, Jason and Sean.

Andrew started Hi-Tec Security in the then Grahamstown in 1992 with a staff complement of just two – he and Andre Wille, manager of the highly respected and regarded business.

In this time Andrew has remained focused on the business. His integrity, vision and focus on Hi-Tec Security have seen it change and grow substantially over the years. Hi-Tec Security presently employs just over 400 men and women, such has the company grown over the past 28 years.

The client has always been of paramount importance, and Hi-Tec Security has indeed lived up to its slogan – “Securing Grahamstown/Makhanda”.

Andrew’s caring nature has also seen the company assisting many charities, institutions, organisations and deserving individuals with security and/or guarding.

Andrew will be greatly missed within the community, and was a caring mentor and “boss” to the Hi-Tec family, and would always afford time to listen to his employees. He was also fiercely loyal to his community, and to Makana as a whole.

The management and staff of Hi-Tec are all shocked and saddened by Andrew’s passing but will ensure that Hi-Tec Security maintains the exceptionally strong reputation it has built up over the years. We will make you proud, Andrew! It is now your time to rest. RIP.

  • Tribute from Hi-Tec Security, who will be conducting a drive-past tribute at Andrew’s home, starting at Hi-Tec’s premises in New Street.
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