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Here’s some useful information share by Makana Traffic Chief Coenraad Hanekom:

If you’ve applied for a driving licence card from July 2018, you can now check the status of your application by sending an SMS. The Driving Licence Card Account (DLCA) has implemented an SMS shortcode which will allow applicants to check their status. Here it is: 33214

Send your ID number using the shortcode. You will then receive a return message via SMS with one of the following:

Status Message
Order not received and unknown ID DLCA does not have an application for this ID number.
Order received by CPF Dear (initials), (surname) – your order has been received and is awaiting production.
Order in production Dear (initials), (surname) – your order is currently in production.
Order produced and posted Dear (initials), (surname) – your order card has been produced. Kindly wait for collection SMS.

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