Speculative buying in Sunnyside squeezes out families


Dear Editor,

It was very dismaying to see the so-called Grahamstown Eye group misrepresent the simple matter of a back wall (not front façade) being fixed on a historic home on George Street, as being an ‘assault’ on the town’s historic heritage.
 Of course the aesthetics police only see neighbourhood problems through the irrational lens of nostalgia instead of focusing on the real problem we are facing in Sunnyside: rapid studentification and rentalisation of the area caused by the greedy speculative tendency of the town’s property owners over the years.
How about these old curmudgeons take responsibility for their rent-seeking greed that has priced out young responsible families who would have loved to move into this area and keep it safe and charming?
Nomalanga Mkhize,
Resident, George Street
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