Gift of the Givers fixes broken toilets at Fingo preschool


The Gift of the Givers have stepped in and responded to the plight of 35 children at Luzuko preschool in Fingo Village by installing three new and full functional toilets. In the 23 October edition of Grocott’s Direct, we featured school principal Ayakholwa Sam’s plea for assistance to fix school toilets vandalised during the lockdown. Around 35 children were stuck at home, once the lockdown lifted enough for Early Childhood Development Centres to re-open, because there was no safe toilet for them.

Gift of the Givers Team member installing  brand new toilets for Luzuko Preschool on 5 November 2020. Photo: Ayakholwa Sam

“Seeing the conditions at the school shattered our hearts,” said Corene Conradie, Gift of the Givers coordinator for the Eastern Cape. “To think that such small children had to relieve themselves in broken-down toilets that you can’t really call a toilet, the diseases they can contract, the state was indeed inhuman.”

Makhanda is one of the areas Gift of the Givers is assisting with food relief and other assistance.

ECD supervisor, Nothamsanqa Sandi, expressed great appreciation for the assistance.

“You are really the Gift of the Givers,” Sandi said. “We wish to be louder and say thank you for what you did for the preschoolers. May God continue to bless you abundantly.”


Vandals keep kids out of school

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