Makana Initiation Forum supports hold on ulwaluko


Co-ordinator of the Makana Local Initiation Forum, Councillor Ramie Xonxa, says they fully support the Eastern Cape government’s decision to suspend ulwaluko (traditional initiation) this season.

The Eastern Cape government has reiterated that ulwaluko (traditional initiation) is suspended in the Province.

In a statement, the Province said, “We note the announcement by some of our traditional leaders who wrongly pronounced that they will proceed with ulwaluko in the province of the Eastern Cape.¬†We wish to inform and remind all the people of our province that Ulwaluko remains suspended in our province and in the country until further notice by the government.”

The statement emphasised that anyone embarking on ulwaluko while it is still suspended by government would be breaking the law.

“We will continue closing down illegal structures set up for ulwaluko and those people responsible for breaking the law will be prosecuted.”

Makana councillor Ramie Xonxa, who co-ordinates the multi-stakeholder ulwaluko oversight structure for this area, said, “As much as we would have loved the ritual to be performed, we have an obligation to ensure youngsters are protected and that no with Covid-19 again escalating in the Eastern Cape, that no lives are put at risk.

“We fully support the government’s decision.”

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