Fine Art graduates stage virtual final exhibition


For those who have attended our graduate show in the flesh, you will have been used to the convivial, public event where visitors may explore (for one-night-only) the various artistic incarnations created by our graduate students at multiple venues. This year, there will be no fainting in the over-packed art school for speeches, no gossiping up and down Somerset Street as you fall out of one venue – or the next – prompting others (you have not seen all year) about which shows to skip and which shows are worth the trek. There will be no cadging a lift up Monument Hill with strangers because you don’t have a car, or forgot where you left it.

What there will be is: the opportunity to see the art with due reflection; to return again; the possibility to leave some feedback; the option to share virtually with others what you consider most worth seeing.

Please follow this link: to view the showcase of work by our BFA Fourth Year Class. Some of the projects are documentation of physical installations, and others have been expressly designed for an interactive virtual experience. For this reason, we suggest that the works are best viewed on a computer rather than a mobile device.

  • This information is provided by Rhodes University’s Department of Fine Art.
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