Extraordinary commitment brings superb results


“The St Andrew’s College matric class of 2020 has produced a superb set of results in both the IEB and the Cambridge International A Level examinations,” said Alan Thompson, St Andrew’s College Headmaster.

“These results are a reflection of the extraordinary commitment of boys and staff under the challenging circumstances of 2020.

“I am delighted with these results, as our academic excellence strategy of the past three years is really adding value to the St Andrew’s College offering. This strategy has seen a full rebuild of our academic facilities and an overhaul of our curriculum (of which the introduction of A levels is a part).

“I am confident that St Andrew’s College prepares its boys extremely well academically, and gives them multiple options for tertiary study anywhere in the world.”

12 024 full time candidates wrote the National Senior Certificate through the IEB this year with a 98,06% pass rate nationally, and 88.41% of the candidates achieving a BD pass that qualifies them to apply to study for degree courses at University.

The 2020 St Andrew’s College Matrics who wrote the IEB examination achieved a 100% pass rate, with all but one of the 75 boys achieving a BD pass.

Three achieve full house of 7 distinctions

  • Head boy, Jonathan Shamwana, from Lusaka in Zambia was the Dux Scholar with an 89% aggregate.
  • Jordan van der Meulen, from Adelaide in the Eastern Cape, achieved an aggregate of 88%.
  • Michael Stavridis, from Port Alfred, with an 86% aggregate.

Robert Kirkpatrick (Cape Town) achieved 6 distinctions, followed by Philip Beynon and Matt Ferguson (both from Johannesburg), and Liam Nisbet (Fort Beaufort) with five distinctions. James Houze (Johannesburg) and Mpanju Kabushenga (Kampala, Uganda) both achieved four distinctions.

Philip Beynon is to be additionally congratulated for the exceptional achievement of being placed in the top 1% nationally in Geography.

A quarter of the school’s IEB results were distinctions, half of them above 70%, and 81% of the results were above 60%. The following boys achieved A+ results:

Accounting: Joathan Shamwana, Matt Ferguson, Jordan van der Meulen

Geography: Jordan van der Meulen, Philip Beynon

Information Technology: Matt Ferguson

isiXhosa FAL: Ayakha Mahashe, Tabo Sihele

Life Orientation: Jordan van der Meulen

Mathematics: Jonathan Shamwana, Matt Ferguson, Jordan van der Meulen, Michael Stavridis, Liam Nisbet, James Houze

Mathematical Literacy: Daniel Zahn

Physical Science: Jonathan Shamwana

Visual Arts: Philip Beynon

Overall, 1 in 5 boys received an A Aggregate, with 69% of the 13 A Level candidates achieving A Aggregates, and 12% of the 75 IEB candidates receiving A Aggregates.



(9 A Aggregates)


(9 A Aggregates)

Jonathan Shamwana

7 distinctions in Accounting (93%), English Home Language (85%), isiXhosa FAL (84%), Life Orientation (88%), Life Sciences (86%), Mathematics (95%), Physical Science (90%)

Michael Velloza

Mathematics (97%), Physics (91%), 

History (90%), Further Mathematics (89%)

Jordan van der Meulen

7 distinctions in Accounting (92%), Afrikaans FAL (80%), English Home Language (81%), Geography (90%), 

Life Orientation (91%), Mathematics (97%), Physical Science (90%)

Matthew Schaefer

Chemistry (95%), Physics (91%), 

Mathematics (90%)

Michael Stavridis

7 distinctions in Accounting (89%), Afrikaans FAL (82%), Dramatics Arts (87%), English Home Language (83%), Life Orientation (82%), Mathematics (90%), Physical Science (86%)

Haydn John

Biology (A*), Chemistry (93%), 

Mathematics (89%), Physics (90%)

Robert Kirkpatrick

6 distinctions in English Home Language 

(87%), Geography (87%), History (94%), Life 

Orientation (86%), Mathematics (83%), 

Physical Science (80%)

Brady Henaghan

Geography (83%), Mathematics (90%), 

Physics (93%)

Philip Beynon

5 distinctions in English Home Language 

(89%), Geography (91%), Life Orientation 

(86%), Mathematics (85%), Visual Arts 


James Mackenzie

English Language (88%), Mathematics 

(89%), Physics (91%)

Matt Ferguson

5 distinctions in Accounting (91%), English Home Language (80%), Information 

Technology (90%), Mathematics (84%), Physical Science (80%)

Brendan Mouritzen

Chemistry (90%), Mathematics (85%), 

Physics (81%)

Liam Nisbet

5 distinctions in Geography (83%), History 

(83%), Life Orientation (83%), Mathematics 

(93%), Physical Sciences (84%)

Thomas Richardson

Chemistry (90%), Mathematics (84%), 

Physics (80%)

James Houze

4 distinctions in Accounting (80%), 

Information Technology (86%), 

Mathematics (93%), Physical Science (81%)

Robert Lunney

Chemistry (89%), Mathematics (84%)

Ayakhe Mahashe

3 distinctions in isiXhosa FAL (94%), Life Orientation (82%), Physical Science (80%)

Jonathan Shema

English Language (88%), English Literature (91%) and History (88%).


In the Cambridge A Level results that were released on 19 January, all the candidates  passed. 98% of the subject results were A* to C symbols, and 94% of our students achieved A* to C symbols across all their subjects. More than three quarters of the subject A Level results were over 80%, including 38% A* symbols (over 90%).

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the staff of St Andrew’s College College and DSG who played such an integral part in the education of the College Matrics over the past five years, as well as their classmates from DSG,” Thompson said.

Resilience and reason to celebrate

Kingswood College celebrates the Matric Class of 2020 

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