Kingswood College celebrates the Matric Class of 2020 


The Kingswood  College Matric class of 2020 gathered a total of 95 distinctions. 

Kingswood Senior School Head Tracy van Molendorff said: “We are incredibly proud of the class of  2020. They have shown true grit, resilience and determination amidst a year of uncertainty, on-line learning  and a pandemic that resulted in a new reality for their matric class.

“We commend those who achieved  distinctions and are incredibly proud of those who, through perseverance, achieved beyond our expectations. The committed and dedicated academic staff are to be commended on the way that they approached a year no one had prepared for, in a manner that ensured that this class was able to complete their matric year successfully and achieve to their full individual potential.

“We wish the class of 2020 much success as they embark on the next leg of their life journey.” 

Joint Dux Scholars for 2020, Talia Aliber and Tyler Bovey garnered 15 distinctions between them.  

Talia Aliber who comes from Alice, in the Eastern Cape achieved an overall average of 91%. She achieved  eight (8) distinctions for Afrikaans 1st Additional Language, English Home Language, German Second  Additional Language Life Orientation, History, Life Orientation, Mathematics, Physical Science and Visual  Arts. Talia plans to go to university and study a BA in Politics and Philosophy. Talia was in the top 1% for  English Home Language. Talia was also ranked in the top 5% of learners in five subjects which is a  remarkable achievement.  

Her advice to 2021 Matrics is: “There will be days when all you want to do is cry and give up. Cry by all  means, but just don’t give up. Even if all you do is get up and study a quarter of what you’d intended, it’s not  nothing. Do the best that you can with where you’re at, and know that that is what counts. You aren’t defined  by your grades. Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for.”

Tyler Bovey achieved an overall average of 91% with seven (7) distinctions for all seven of her subjects. Tyler received distinctions for Afrikaans 1st Additional Language, Engineering, Graphic and Design, English  Home Language, Geography, Life Orientation Life Sciences and Mathematics. Tyler was also ranked in the  top 1% for Afrikaans First Additional Language.  

Her advice to the class of 2021 is: “Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our  strengths.” 

Tyler who hails from Makhanda in the Eastern Cape plans to go to Rhodes University this year to pursue a  degree in Pharmacy.  

Lukho Mbenyana who also comes from Makhanda achieved an overall average of 83%. She obtained six (6)  distinctions for Dramatic Arts, English Home Language, History, isiXhosa First Additional Language, Life  Orientation and Mathematical Literacy.  

On navigating her final year in the midst of a pandemic Lukho said, “My final year was nothing close to what I  had dreamed it would be because of Covid. But the aspects that the pandemic didn’t allow for us to enjoy actually allowed other aspects of my life to grow in ways I hadn’t even considered.

“My final year  was far from easy but the compassion and patience my family and teachers showed me was very comforting and  reassuring.” 

Evert Joubert (Alexandria, Eastern Cape), Mwaka Machila (Lusaka, Zambia) and Sarah-Jane Wilhelmi  (Makhanda, Eastern Cape) all received five (distinctions) for their final examinations.  

Evert, Mwaka and Sarah-Jane are all planning on going to university this year with Evert wanting to study  Accounting at the University of Stellenbosch. Mwaka will pursue her tertiary education abroad in September and Sarah-Jane will go to Rhodes University to study Economics.  

Mwaka’s advice to the matrics of 2021 is “Play hard, but work even harder. Enjoy the remaining moments you have with your friends but remember that matric is  challenging and you need to dedicate yourself to working to the best of your ability.” 

Jocelyn Morrison (Johannesburg, Gauteng) and Emily Webber (Makhanda, Eastern Cape)  achieved four  distinctions each. Jocelyn will be studying environmental design in Cape Town while Emily will be going to the University of Pretoria to do a Bachelor of Science Degree.  

Mia Scheepers (Johannesburg, Gauteng) was ranked in  the top 1% for Life Orientation. 

College Head Dr Colleen Vassiliou said, “At Kingswood College we are invested in building our pupils’ character. Writing final examinations during a pandemic, let alone attempting to complete a matric syllabus, be it online or on-site, was no small feat.

“I applaud the teachers who adjusted and assisted every pupil to achieve their potential. I am in awe of our Matric class of 2020 who dug  deep and pushed through trying times to come out victorious. Well done to each and every one of you and a big thank you to our Kingswood families who supported their children during this time. I wish them all the best  as they head into the next chapter of their journey.” 


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