Karyns and name-shaming


It might be hilarious that Karyns are being stereotyped as ill-tempered scolding women – shrews in a single term – but name-shaming becomes disrespectful in the long run (Weekend Post, 1 May 2021).

This issue reminds me of the R&B singer Karyn White who has hit songs like Make Him Do Right , I’d Rather Be Alone (than be unhappy), Can I Stay With You, (I’m not your) Super Woman and Hungah. Erstwhile Metro FM DJ, Isaac Phaahla, opined that she is always complaining or demanding in her lyrics.

In my case, I used the Marlon middle name throughout my secondary school years, as I couldn’t take the deliberate mis-pronunciation of my first name, Luyanda. Some said it sounds too feminine.

My surname was also a joke in Afrikaans-medium schools I attended: acquaintances joked that I’m kamma Black (feigned /acted like /fake in Afrikaans slang instead of the official ‘kastig’) and some school mates summarised their bumptiousness as “You don’t look like ‘an African’ at all.”

Luyanda Marlon Kama
Port Elizabeth

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