Call for Inputs: Makhanda Open Government Partnership



In October 2020, it was announced that Makhanda had been selected as one of the new Open Government Partnership (OGP) Local members in 2020. OGP is an international model of governance and building active citizenship that is reforming how citizens can relate and contribute to decision making processes by their respective state structures.

In a nutshell, national/local governments collaborate with civil society and work together to co-create two-year action plans with concrete steps – referred to as “commitments” – that can cover a broad range of issues. This unique model ensures that civil society and/or direct citizen engagement has a role in shaping and overseeing governments.

Makhanda was selected based on the assessment of criteria outlined in the call for Expression of Interest, including a value proposition in joining OGP and a high-level political commitment. A wide and open call for inputs and suggestions into what priorities the Makhanda Action Plan should include has now been opened, any ideas from all citizens of Makhanda are welcome.

Please click here for a detailed briefing document that outlines how the process will unfold, and how you can participate. If there are any questions or queries, please send them to

  • Sakhe Ntlabezo is the Programme Manager, Makhanda Circle of Unity

OGP Makhanda Process Overview

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