Builders step in for People with Disabilities


The constructions team laying down paving at the approach to the Association for People With Disabilities at the Settlers Day Hospital complex in Cobden Street. Photos: Lane Tao

Last month, local construction businesses CM Heunis CC and Gem Paving came to the aid of the Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities, an NGO. APD’s office area has long suffered with a dilapidated ramp for vehicles and pedestrians. The torn concrete made for a bumpy ride with cars but is even worse for our clientele in wheelchairs who had to push themselves up the uneven slope. 

CM Heunis stepped in and after some discussion, they set to work with Gem Paving to rebuild the ramp. Feedback was taken from APD and staff at the next-door Settlers Day Hospital, and they worked tirelessly to remove a blocked gutter and resurface the ramp in fine brick. The result speaks for itself – APD and every other organisation working at the offices are deeply thankful for their hard work in making the Makhanda community better for all. We especially thank Brian Knight, Dupie Meyer and their crew for all of their direct involvement. 

  • Lane Tao, Association for Persons with Disabilities

The CM Heunis and Gem Paving supervisors.

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