An open invitation to join our news meetings


By ROD AMNER, learning editor, Grocott’s Mail

Over the next few weeks, several Rhodes Journalism students will begin actively contributing to GMDirect and Grocott’s Mail’s online platforms. Under the guidance of their learning editors, they will attempt to produce truthful, fair and independent journalism. But, they will aspire to do so in innovative ways that get far more of our citizens directly involved in communication.

They will cultivate relationships and networks and seek sources and ideas that do not automatically appear on journalists’ radars. They will accord those voices the appropriate respect in ways that helped bridge the faultlines that, historically, have divided us. And they will look for and amplify the themes and values that Makhandans share, regardless of political ideology, race, ethnicity, gender, or class.

To this end, we would like to invite all Makhandans to join our open weekly news diary meetings. We meet at 10 am on Tuesdays on Zoom. Here is the link:

Topic: Grocott’s Mail’s Open News Diary Meeting (on Zoom)
Time: Aug 17, 2021, 10 am

Meeting ID: 954 5015 3308
Passcode: 689973

We would be delighted to have you there to:

  • co-develop ideas around what we could/should cover and how we could/should cover it;
  • give us feedback and constructive criticism on how you think we are doing;
  • partner with us as we highlight how Makhandans are pursuing solutions to our many ‘wicked’ problems;
  • help us find the key facts Makhandans need as they struggle to find those solutions.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Rod Amner, learning editor, Grocott’s Mail

How to keep in touch with Sue Maclennan

A reminder that former Grocott’s editor, Sue Maclennan, is still based in Makhanda, working as a freelance journalist. You can keep in touch with her in these ways:

  • Email her at
  • Read her journalism on her very active Facebook page here:
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