Weekly rainfall report – 2-8 December



The Cambrays recorded 51mm in Park Road after the deluge on Sunday 5 December and a total of 80.7mm for the week 2-8 December.

The good news is that water is now being supplied to the city daily, with throttling only at night, according to the Makana Municipality Communications Office. Both the Waainek and James Kleynhans water treatment works have been operational since Wednesday, 8 December. 

The Howieson’s Poort dam was over 75% full on 7 December, and water is still flowing into the dam.

Jim Cambray remarked that the town received more rain in a few days over the last week than it had for entire months this year.

Rainfall at Grant Street for the week was 50.9mm. “We don’t tilt our pluvios as they do in Park Road,” quipped Robin Stobbs.

Paul Maylam recorded 65.7mm and commented on the “striking differences between the three returns”.

Temperatures in Makhanda ranged from 13-26C.

According to Richard Moss, quoted by Smiling South Media, the Kariega river has been flowing for the first time since March 2015. But, Settlers Dam was still below 5% on 7 December.

La Niña has developed for the second consecutive year and is expected to last into early 2022, leading to higher precipitation in most southern Africa (and Australia).

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