The Mayor’s Christmas message


Dear residents of Makana,

Christmas Day is just a few days away and everyone is preparing to spend quality time with family and friends. The festive season is in full swing and people are travelling home. Although this is a joyous period for everyone we must always be mindful of the dangers that come with the festive season. To everyone who is driving home for Christmas, let’s all be safe on the roads. Please follow the rules of the road at all times and keep to the speed limit to ensure that we all arrive home safely.

Covid-19 remains a serious threat to our daily lives and we need to take that into consideration as we enjoy the festive season. Our government is doing its best to keep the citizens of our country safe from COVID-19 and it is our responsibility to play our part by adhering to the Lockdown regulations and safety precautions at all times so that we can eventually defeat this virus.

Vaccination is our best defence against COVID-19 and all its variants. The more we vaccinate the safer we will be. Vaccines help your immune system to fight infections faster and more effectively. There is no pre-booking or SMS required, you can just walk into any vaccination site with your ID, passport, Asylum/Refugee number or birth certificate. You will not be turned away.

Adults who are vaccinated with Pfizer need two jabs, and adults who are vaccinated with J&J need only one jab. Children aged between 12 and 17 years need only one jab of the Pfizer vaccine. Anyone 50 years and older who is vaccinating for the first time is eligible for the R200 grocery voucher at Shoprite. If you vaccinate now we can crush the power of the new variant and save our summer.

Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a serious challenge in our country – more so during the Lockdown. We all need to work together to do away with gender based violence in our communities. We must intervene where we can, by either speaking up or reporting abuse against women and children to the authorities. We have the power to put an end to the GBV.

The newly-appointed Council is ready to serve you, the residents of Makana Local Municipality. We are committed to putting the interests of citizens first and we commit to do everything in our power to ensure that Makana Local Municipality thrives.

On behalf of Makana Local Municipality I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Thank you,

Makana Municipality Executive Mayor, Honourable Councillor Yandiswa Vara

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