Cat in the box



What’s in the box that makes four professionals smile like this? A bundle of feline pluck with a huge voice, that’s what.

Frances Street resident San Knoetze had exhausted all her options (dismay, ladders, long-poled pool scoop, a few other people) when she called in the pros. The cat, too, had reached the end of its terror. Her morning had already included a turn on the top of a wall separating a total of five dogs, a crazed dash across the garden into a swimming pool to avoid snapping canine jaws, a just-in-time rescue by the roof repairman, and a vertical climb up a branch no thicker than your wrist.

Makana firefighters and qualified cat-catchers Nomvuyiseko Siko, Qondani Skeyi, Zukile Ndolo and Olwethu Chrisjan got to the top of the thrashing wild olive tree, reached into its uppermost leaves, and brought down a ravenous darling.

How lucky is she – and how lucky are we to live in a town with such caring professionals?


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